Monday, 30 November 2009

"By the Pooers of BROOIRON!!"

Originally my story was to have a scottish slant to it, have the characters speak in scots, an idea was also to have it in rhyme. I jotted this opening verse in my sketchbook then thought it be too much.
There wis this wee lassie cawed Morag McColl
She wis picked oan & bullied aw day at the schil
Fir haeing some freckles & bricht reid herr
Her claes wir deid borin' & nae very cool

The idea of the story was to be of a wee, shy & timid girl getting bullied at school for having ginger hair & freckles. She was to run away from her tormentors & hide away in a cave. Alone & terrified she didn't know what to do. Then down came a spider (stolen from the Robert the Bruce story) - parts of the story were to have links to scottish history & culture, like the drinking of Brooiron, the ginger elixir which was to give Morag the powers to confront the bullies. "By the Pooers of BROOIRON!!"

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Project - Day Zero

Here it is, my first entry regarding my Final Project Proposal. This is to be my online record of the production of my 4th Year project. A few weeks back (after many weeks of research) we had to do a presentation of what we proposed to do as a final project.

The presentation went well & my proposal was to create a sympathetic character which I could develop for use in an interactive website aimed at children who were being bullied.

This came about from an idea jotted down in my sketchbook from a few years back. It was first dreamt up as an idea for a children's storybook or comic - The Adventures of Michty Mo was born.