Monday, 7 December 2009

My Michty Mo Collage

Inspired by the earlier posts of work by Teddy Newton I decided to try my hand at collage with my character Michty Mo. Below is my effort, I hope you like it.

Thursday, 3 December 2009


While doing research for my 4th Year Final Project, this particular website & story played a part in the creation of my character & how I aim to develop it. This was a community run project with The Care Commission & advocacy group, Who Cares? Scotland to promote the Scottish Government's National Care Standards for younger people living in care. Please, take some time & have a look at these links, thank you.

Character Development

Those that have been following the story so far, will note that Morag was originally going to be a child bullied at school, on.

The above is true, she was bullied at school, tho' Mo has now grown up. I still wanted the character to be in a school environment, a sympathetic character who had contact with the children, not as a teacher (who's ever met a sympathetic teacher eh?), not the janny (janitor) but as....

a Lollypop Lady!! The idea being that she was a figure of trust and was "privvy" to "the word on the playground". The idea of her keeping them safe on the roads as well as safe in the playground.

The Incredibles

When I saw the movie, The Incredibles a few years back I was totally blown away. I thought it amazing, everything about it - the opening credits, the story/plot had me on the edge of my seat, the characters were so believable, the animation was superb - stop me I if you think I'm over the top here in my admiration for this film.
Well, I recently got the book The Art of the Incredibles from the library & it brought it all back again, how much I enjoyed it. The work of Teddy Newton and Lou Romano was simply devine (gonna have to find some different superlatives!). But it's the collages of Teddy Newton that I particularly liked, they seemed to leap out at me & grab my attention. I have put just a few of them here. I urge you all to get a copy of the book, saying that, if any generous viewer to this blog happens to come along & wishes to purchase me a nice Christmas present, who am I to refuse.

You have to admit these Tony the Tiger says....GRRREEEAAAATTTT!!!!

Superheroes Logo/Identity Design

All SuperHeroes need an identity or logo emblazoned across their chests, cause admit it, you're not really super if you don't. Above are some easily identifiable logos (if you are unsure of any of them then there is definately no hope for you).
So with the creation of Michty Mo, a logo/badge/crest was one of the important aspects of the design. With some of the previous images you can maybe see the logo taking shape with the character. With the next image below you can see some more development of the logo.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Michty Mo V:3

Here is another version of Michty Mo & is pretty much how she looks today - note that the lurvely tartan jumpsuit has been replaced with some stylish shorts (hotpants!), she now sports some trendy red boots (kinky!!) but best of all is the mask that cunningly hides her identity.
She is beginning to look every part of the super hero. The development of the character is pretty much ongoing as the drawing below shows:-
The idea of bulking Morag up & giving her muscles was an idea that hasn't totally disappeared as the project rolls on. So if you want to know what is going on, just keep tuning in for updates on the exciting , the exhilarating, the dramatic......
Adventures of Michty Mo
- Playground Protector -

Michty Mo Version1 & 2

This was one of the first sketches of how Michty Morag would look, notice the all in one tartan jumpsuit - tres chic as they say in Gay Paree!! Also love the blue boots. The logo/emblem on the front was in it's early stages too.

This was a follow on sketch, where Morag has changed slightly in appearance. Maybe a bit "dumpier", bunches in her hair as apposed to pigtails. The logo on her tartan jumpsuit has colour & has changed from the previous image.